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Signs Your Child is Being Abused:


1. Changes in your child’s behaviour.
2. Obvious signs of physical hurt or damage to belongings.
3. Unwillingness to go to school, or skipping school.
4. Your child becomes more clingy or more emotional than usual.
5. Other signs of stress such as changes in eating and sleeping patterns, anxiety or nervousness.
6. Getting involved in bad or risky behavior in order to fit in with others.



Is my child being bullied?



  • Does your child regularly disobey you?

  • Does your child have a bad temper or are they “hotheaded”?

  • Do your child’s teachers complain of disruptions in class caused by your child?

  • Does your child enjoy violent video games, music or movies?

  • Does your child show “a lack of warmth” toward his siblings or you?

  • Is your child easily frustrated?

  • Is the authority figure in your child’s life overly permissive or extremely harsh?

  • Is your child left alone?

  • Has your child been injured in a fight?

  • Does your child often disagree or argue with you?

  • Has your child been sent home from school for fighting?

  • Has your child ever stolen property or money from you or someone else?

  • Has your child ever destroyed property belonging to you or someone else?

  • Does your child act out violent scenes from movies,television or video games?

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