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What is Elderly Abuse?


Abuse of older adults refers to actions that harm an older person or jeopardize the person’s health or welfare. Abuse of older adults is also known as senior abuse or elder abuse. The abuse and neglect of older adults can be a single or a repeated act.  It can occur in any relationship where there is an expectation of trust or where a person is in a position of power or authority.

Abuse can be physical (hitting) emotional, verbal (name-calling) financial (taking money or property), sexual and spiritual.  Some types of abuse of older adults involves a violation of their rights.

Neglect can be part of abuse. Neglect involves not doing something such as providing the older person with food, shelter, medication, or care.  Older adults can often experience more than one form of abuse and neglect. For example, they may be emotionally and financially abused or emotionally and physically abused.  Some older adults may be neglected and have their rights violated.

Have a Safety Plan:


In case you have to leave quickly, here are some things to consider:

Set aside an extra set of keys, money, ID., glasses, bank card, address book, medication, and important papers. Keep this outside of your home or in a safe place.

Find a safe place to go in the event of emergency (a friend’s or a family member’s house, or Grace Sparkes House).


Consider obtaining a peace bond or restraining order to protect you.

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