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  • Call the RCMP at 279-3001, or your local detachment, if you discover that a crime or a dangerous situation is happening to an older adult.


  • If you are not sure if an older adult is being abused, contact Eastern Health (Health & Community Services) at 891-5025 to talk with a social worker.


  • If an older adult tells you that they are being abused, believe them.


  • Listen to them with respect, and talk with them about how you can help them.


  • Learn about resources available in the community to assist older adults.


  • Understand that leaving an abusive situation is difficult.  Be respectful of that person’s decision.


  • Encourage an older adult to seek support and help.


  • Do not confront the suspected abuser; this could put you or the other person who is being abused in danger.


  • If you believe that an older adult needs help, talk to them first to find out how you might help.  


  • Ask them things like, "How are you doing?" "Are you having trouble at home?" " Can I help you?" " Is there someone I can put you in touch with who can help? "

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