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Key to stop bullying?


The real key to stopping bullying lies not with the reaction of the target, but the bystanders. As we know that 30 percent of students are bullied at sometime.  70 percent of students are never bullied, and it is those students who hold the key to stopping the bully. 


The bully gets his/her power from the reaction of the bystanders.  Laughing at the bully's abuse gives him/her power. 


Picture this: a very popular girl walks into her Grade 6 class on the first day of school and targets a classmate: "Hey, Porkie, looks like you overdid it on the ice cream this summer.  Ever hear of the word 'die't?"  This is followed by peals of laughter from her classmates and complete humiliation for the target.  The bully has the desired affect and feels very "cool" and powerful.  


Now imagine what the reaction would be if, instead of laughter, the bully heard these remarks from her classmates: "Hey, leave her alone." " She didn’t do anything to you!" "It's time for you to grow up. We're in grade 6 now." "That was a mean thing for you to say." " I think you should apologize to her!" 


That is real zero tolerance: not just a teaching staff who do not tolerate bullying, but a whole school community who will not tolerate it.


Teach your child not to encourage hurtful behavior by laughing, cheering, or joining in.

Tips to avoid bullying?


1. Help your child develop positive peer relations.

2. Teach your child that no one has a right to hurt or be hurt and that we have responsibility to help others.

3. Teach your child that we are all equals regardless of gender, age, race, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation or economic status.

4. Encourage your child and their friends to befriend new students since they are particularly vulnerable to bullying.

5. Help your child become more sensitive to students who are bullied, particulary those who become more withdrawn, sad, angry or seem lonely.

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